Who Regulates HOA Management Companies in Ontario?

Who regulates HOA companies in Ontario

The Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) is the entity that regulates HOA management companies in Ontario. Established under the Condominium Management Services Act (CMSA), their mission is to provide Ontario condo owners and investors with protection. They do this via their efforts to strengthen the condo management profession and their support of effective regulation in the area.

The Role of the CMRAO

The main tasks of the CMRAO are to set professional and ethical standards in the condo management profession and enforce the mandatory licensing of condominium managers and businesses that provide this property management service. The CMRAO offers regulatory support for condo owners, managers, and boards. 

CMRAO Responsibilities:

  • Enforce consumer protection for condominium owners and residents.
  • Establish the Code of Ethics regulation that states the obligations of condo managers and property management companies.
  • Manage required licensing for condominium managers.
  • Regulate education and experience requirements for condo managers and condo board members.
  • Offer a fair complaint process for consumers for violations of licensees.

Consequences of Violating HOA Regulations

CMRAO licensees, or condo board managers, must follow the rules in the CMSA under the Code of Ethics regulation that was written by the provincial government to be enforced by the CMRAO. All licensees are held to professional standards by the CMRAO and are held accountable for their actions.

Handling complaints against condo managers and property management companies is one of the main tasks of the CMRAO to ensure consumer protection. If a licensee violates the Condominium Management Services Act, the CMRAO will administer a fair complaint process to resolve the issue. Consequences of violating HOA regulations range from a written warning to suspension and even revocation of the professional license.

How Can Condo Managers Avoid Regulation Violations?

To avoid regulation violations with the CMRAO, condo managers should familiarize themselves with the types of violations and how they are required to comply with the established regulations. Condo managers should obtain the necessary knowledge, including learning about the CMRAO’s rules for compliance. The CMRAO’s rules include:

  • Being familiar with the Code of Ethics for condo managers and property management companies.
  • Obtaining essential experience and credentials required by CMRAO for property management license.
  • Maintaining valid license required by the CMRAO for all condominium management services in Ontario.
  • Being knowledgeable of the requirements set forth in the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA), and the General Regulation.
  • Completing mandatory training and education programs as required by the CMRAO.
  • Avoiding unethical practices and maintaining professionalism at all times while performing condo board duties.

Are Condo Board Members Governed by CMRAO?

Condo board members do not require a license with the CMRAO unless they provide management services in exchange for payment. While the CMRAO does not govern condominium boards, they do provide helpful resources to board members to educate them on the role of the organization in regulating managers for consumer protection.

Even though condo board members are not licensed, they do need certain qualifications to be elected as condo board members. The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) provides advanced Director Training which covers governance best practices which can be especially helpful for boards who choose not to work with a licensed professional condo manager.

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