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Whether you live vertically or horizontally, surround yourself with extensive amenities or the simple reassurance provided by a managed community, Larlyn has the condo property management experience and expertise to make your Board of Directors’ job easier and the owners’ lives more enjoyable.


The Board of Directors in a condominium is elected by the condo owners and usually retains the services of a condo management company to offer guidance, advice and assistance with day-to-day management, preventative maintenance and inspections, accurate monthly financial reporting and annual planning. From our quality and depth of staffing, clarity of comprehensive financial reports and ongoing quality management systems demanded through IS0 9001 and ACMO 2000, Larlyn’s condo management services exemplifies its drive to deliver outstanding customer service and a commitment to quality condo management that continually raises the bar in customer satisfaction. We’ve been doing so since 1975.


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Licensed Condominium Managers to Assist the Board of Directors

The Corporation’s policies, programs and budgets are set by owners through the Board of Directors. However, Larlyn’s experienced, customer-focused licensed condo management teams work behind the scenes to put those decisions into action by working closely with the Board. Larlyn will be sure to keep the condo board’s involvement requirements to a minimum and will make consistency and accessibility of financial statements and documents to community members a priority.


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Comprehensive Condo Administration Services

You can be confident that Larlyn’s property management teams include well-trained, skilled condo administrative support staff who work with leading industry software to prepare accurate and timely financial reports that are essential for successful, efficient property operation.


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Condo Financial Management

Regardless of the size, location, construction and age of your building, planning for the future is imperative. Larlyn’s comprehensive Reserve Fund Studies assist in determining owner contributions required for future repair and replacement expenses and we have an exemplary record of successfully investing those contributions by taking advantage of national partnerships with financial institutions and preferred rates, superior products and added security.


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Project Management of
Capital Expenses

Larlyn condominium management services are so successful because they are backed by a team of professionals for contract tendering, engineering, project management and consulting who spare no detail so all capital expenses are handled professionally with properly planned and approved objectives to maximize the value of the improvements on condo owners’ investments. We take pride in every step.


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Effective Communication with the Condominium Association

Larlyn offers the vast benefits of a large, successful national company and our pride of local care is extended by the experts in our regional offices who are familiar with their communities. This ensures that each of our clients will never get “lost in the shuffle.”  Our condo management team is dedicated to proactive customer satisfaction and offers extensive client learning opportunities so you can keep improving.


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323 & 363 Colborne St, London, ON


$50,000 + $15,000/year


323 & 363 Colborne St, London, ON

Pair of 26 story luxury high rise condos


  • Special crane required with minimum hours charged for required roof repairs
  • Couldn’t secure insurance coverage in Ontario due to size and claim history



  • Negotiated to crane already paid for by insurance for repairs on 1st tower to complete required repairs on 2nd tower for not additional cost
  • Larlyn VIP Program not only found insurance but at a $15,000/year savings


40 Ontario St, Grand Bend, ON




40 Ontario St, Grand Bend, ON

23 Unit River Front Condo


  • Significant pre-existing safety issues avoided fro 3+ years
  • Under insured with high premiums



  • Identified safety issue, hired engineer and implemented repair plan preventing huge safety risk
  • Negotiated better insurance coverage through Larlyn VIP Program AND saved $1,100/year savings


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