About Larlyn Property Management

A partnership with Larlyn is a relationship you can trust continually raising the bar for customer service.

Larlyn’s goal as a property management company has always been to foster close working relationships with each of our clients. We respect the many roles and challenges that each condo board member, investor, asset manager and developer may face and we look forward to listening, supporting and advising them. Our property management mandate is to ease the burden of making difficult decisions and embrace chaos as a learning opportunity. We will always provide you with ideas for new and innovative solutions for old problems which are creative and unique to each individual client.

As property managers of your real estate investment, we also understand that your success as a property manager depends on satisfied owners, residents and tenants – your customers who call Larlyn managed properties home are the people who rely on our property management services. We believe that your customers are our customers and this is why our dedicated client relationship department focuses on proactive customer service. Our property management technology solutions provide you with superior communication and accessibility and our impressive collection of certifications that include IREM AMO and ACMO 2000 (the only real estate management firm in Canada to have achieved all of these) illustrates how Larlyn continues to raise the bar in customer service.

Our company continues to be recognized and awarded for our level of service across all types of building facilities, including condo, multi-family and single family rental properties. We cater our property management services to everything from luxury high-rises, quaint townhouse complexes, affordable housing, commercial, industrial, heritage landmarks and communities that aren’t yet constructed. We bring unbeatable market expertise, unparalleled personal commitment, intelligence and a passion for making your communities, investments and projects better.

Our focus as a property management company is clear and constant – total commitment to our clients’ goals. When we look back at all we have accomplished with many of our original clients still in Larlyn’s property management portfolio today, we can only imagine what lies ahead and hope you are excited to be part of it.

But don’t take our word for it!

As a property management company with decades of industry experience, we pride ourselves on continually raising the bar in customer satisfaction. We never take our clients’ business for granted – we earn it every day through hard work and dedication. Because of this work ethic, our property management company has successfully grown on the referrals of our happy clients.

Please take the time to read through some of the quotes and case studies of our customers who are shouting our praises from the roof for our property management services.


"I really appreciate the expertise and professionalism of our Larlyn Property Manager. She makes it easy for us to keep our Condo on track financially while at the same time ensuring that necessary maintenance is kept up to date. I also appreciate the seminars that Larlyn holds from time to time for Board members. As a volunteer, it is great to have the guidance from professionals (lawyers, finance and insurance people, etc) and to be able to confer with people who serve on other Condo Boards."
– Verna D.
"I want to express my gratitude for the professional way that the ACMO courses have been taught and presented as well as for the high amount of knowledge and experience that I have gained from the teachers.  It was a long way but worth it.  I appreciate the chance and support that Larlyn has offered us by providing theses ACMO courses"
– Viorel R.
"Over the past few years Larlyn Property Management Ltd. has been providing Property Management Services to a number of our High Rise Projects throughout the GTA.  They are currently managing our buildings at Festival Tower, Cinema Tower, Limelight and OPT which represents over 1500 Residential Units and complex Amenity Areas which includes swimming pools, fitness rooms, cinemas, party rooms and sports gymnasiums.  Larlyn is committed to providing our homeowners with a high level of service and ensuring that the homes that we build are expertly maintained.  They recognize the importance of ongoing communication with Daniels and our purchasers.  Larlyn is a dedicated organization and it is a pleasure to work with them."
– The Daniels Corporation
"I have worked with Larlyn as Treasurer and a member of the Condo Board.  In those roles I have found their staff to be highly professional, competent and a pleasure to work with."
– Ron McC
"The administration of our financial needs rank first and foremost as the most important aspect of our corporation’s affairs.  To this end, we have over many years enjoyed without exception, timely, accurate and professionally executed monthly delivery of our financial statements, which of course includes the status of our Reserve investments with all the pertinent data we as Directors require to remain assured that our corporation’s affairs are in order.  Additionally the annual corporation budgeting process is accurate, transparent, inclusive and offers our Directors (and our unit owners) all the information they require to remain assured that their corporation’s annual expenses and reserve funding activities remain adequately and properly administered in order to secure our corporation’s financial viability for the future."
– Richard F.
"Our corporation has continually enjoyed excellent management relative to the day to day management and communication responsibilities demanded by our corporation and our unit owners, which of course for most of our unit owners is the most visible and important part of their respective condominium concerns."
– Richard F.
"Without hesitation, we recommend Larlyn as a first class, reliable, professional condominium management resource."
– Richard F.
"Our new Property Manager has been awesome!  She is constantly on the ball, she provides feedback/responses in a timely manner and really appears to have taken on the role of being an advocate for our property."
– Nadia P.
"Our small Board contracted with Larlyn Property Management 3 years ago. We had been governed by 3 owners who, try as they might, really didn't make very good choices for our Corporation. Once Larlyn got on board our entire Corporation was turned around in such a positive away it was really quite amazing. Our property manager knew right away what the most critical issues to deal with were and she got them done. We have now been able to list our priorities and work towards building up our fund to get these projects completed. I can't imagine where we would be if it weren't for Larlyn. Its nice to have your neighbours compliment you on the great work you're doing, however, its actually Larlyn that has brought us up to the high level of operation that we are at today. Thank you Larlyn and also a huge thank you to our Property Manager."
– Mercedes
"Since becoming our Property Management Company, Larlyn has provided good service.  Their interest in maintaining our building to a high value level is quite evident.  Issues that arise are dealt with professionally and in a timely manner.  The Property Managers’ research projects and information is in depth and this is a wonderful asset - a job well done."
– Mary Ellen B.
"We looked at many property management companies and asked many questions and as a whole Larlyn Property Management was our best bet. They took the time to explain and cover all grounds of which we asked. Their accreditation was unbelievable. Their people are well trained and great at listening and helping out. All aspects of the business are covered in house. We would give Larlyn a rating of 110%!"
– M. C.
"I was very happy that Larlyn just didn’t offer “cookie-cutter” solutions and allowed the Larlyn Team to continue on their journey of helping us overcome our unique challenges. Our Property Managers are responsive and efficient and we know we are in good hands."
– Larry F.
"The financial arm of Larlyn is very efficient as financial statements are delivered on time and accurate."
– Joan S.
"Our Property Manager does an excellent job managing the complex and making sure that everyone’s concerns are properly dealt with in a professional and timely manner.  Improvements to the buildings and grounds have been taken as needed and in most cases the common grounds are well maintained.  Such good management helps to keep property values up in this complex and I have observed that units that come on the market sell very quickly."
– Joan S.
"Based on our experience, it is no wonder that I never pass up an opportunity to recommend Larlyn to anyone I hear complaining about their property management.  Unfortunately, that means one of your managers must sort out someone else’s mess, but I’m confident of a favourable outcome when I recommend Larlyn."
– Jane R.
"I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to attend another excellent learning experience yesterday.  You certainly know how to assemble an impressive roster, all to our benefit and good fortune.  An excellent addition to the presentation made by the guest speakers was the fact that their presentations were made available in print for us to share with our fellow board members.  That made it possible for us to listen attentively, rather than trying to make notes and missing important points.  You covered all the bases in my opinion.  Goodie bags, great lunch and lots of prizes…bonus!"
– Jane R.
"We’ve found Larlyn to be very responsive to our needs.  Our Property Manager and Assistant Property Manager are an excellent team and the accounting financials have been the best we have had so far.  We couldn’t be happier."
– George V.
"After I was elected to the board of my local condominium, it soon became clear to me that the complexities of condominium life are not generally well understood. Most directors, like me, need a lot of help and guidance.  By providing us with a very knowledgeable, patient, and courteous property manager, Larlyn has gone a long way toward helping us to keep our aging condominium in good shape. Also, the Larlyn website is a source of very useful information.  There is little doubt in my mind that Larlyn has made a huge difference in the way that our condominium is managed."
– Frank
"Larlyn Property Management has been our management company for the past nine years.  During that time they have provided us with excellent professional management, legal, engineering and other support staff enabling us to begin the major renovation of what was “the leaky, paint peeling, garage flooding eyesore of Burlington” to what I now consider to be one of the best looking watertight condos anywhere."
– E. W.
"When we hired Larlyn over two other companies we found their per unit prices competitive and over the year have found this to be a bit inconsequential.  From the very beginning they have brought to us both one-time and yearly savings that when averaged out over the nine years amounts to approximately what we have paid them to date.  If we looked back, would we hire them again? Yes we would!"
– E. W.
"The experience, knowledge and dedication of our Property Manager are second to none. Proper guidance is always provided to our Board of Directors to ensure informed decisions are made. All matters are addressed in a timely, professional manner. Larlyn is an innovative company continuously striving to improve. I would not hesitate to recommend Larlyn to any corporation seeking property management expertise."
– Cindy A.
"The directors website is a great tool.  The extensive detail on financials and the explanation of spread sheets, balance sheets, Reserve Fund balances, etc. is helpful for everyone.  When I read the title 'Larlyn Property Management' I think the 'Management' part should be in capital letters."
– Chris C.
"As a Board Member who has been an independent businessman for several years I have to tell you that I am impressed with the management style of our Larlyn Property Manager.  Obviously Larlyn educates and trains their personnel to be professionals.  The tact and knowledge illustrated by our manager is demonstrated in her ability to deal with a variety of problems.  Whether it is Board Members, Owners, Lawyers or Tradesmen she handles issues promptly.  Always keeping the Board informed.  Always with respect for the individual or group being addressed."
– Chris C.
"At our 3rd Annual General Meeting, I couldn't be more satisfied with what the reporting showed.  One key part of the report, to me, is the Annual Audited Financial Statement in which I was reassured to learn that both the Capital Asset Fund and the Reserve Fund were in extremely good condition."
– Charles H.
"I am extremely impressed with Larlyn Property Management's senior on site property manager who does an excellent job not only managing the day to day affairs of this development, but also who gets back to owner inquiries in such a timely and informed manner."
– Charles H.