We believe people

make a house

a home

Larlyn Property Management

We are a property management company that believes it’s people who make a community a great place to be.

Everyday we are invited into people’s lives to help make their homes, workplaces and communities better.
And everyday we take this privilege seriously and strive to be better than yesterday.

Our greatest strength has always been our people. It’s what makes us, us.

Read our story & what makes us different below.

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The story of how Larry and Lynn Holmes built Larlyn Property Management.

Larry and Lynne Holmes went from humble beginnings to building one of Canada’s most trusted property management companies.  Their formula for success was and remains simple: protect each customer’s investments and enhance the value as if it were their own.  The company continues to be recognized and awarded for their level of service due to the unique and honest expertise they bring to the table, matched by their hope for the future and their excitement to make you a part of it.

When Larry and Lynne’s son, Michael Holmes officially joined the family business in 1995, he was one of 5 employees and the company managed only local properties. Almost 40 years later, Larlyn remains family owned and operated, but the family has grown. With offices across Ontario and the Western provinces, there are now over 600 employees who help manage more than
$6 billion in real estate assets.

Larry and Lynn maintained Larlyn Property Management's family focus by bringing their son into the business in 1995
Local Care Backed by national converge. Larlyn Property Management in B.C., Alberta, and Ontario

Our experience and dedication to service is our strength. Our local employees operate with local control, knowledge, accountability and are familiar with the communities and their unique environments.  Our team-based approach offers our clients a consistent level of experience and accessibility. Larlyn is able to leverage national resources to save significant time and money, providing you with the best of both worlds.

The Larlyn Advantage - local care backed by national coverage.

We partner with businesses across the country using our national buying power to negotiate price and service advantages for our communities and their residents.  Expect to save money, improve service, eliminate hassles, access priceless industry information and training and be taken care of like a Larlyn VIP.


We believe our employees and clients are intelligent, successful people who work hard to continually improve. Larlyn pioneered the in-house certification of Registered Condominium Managers in Ontario and was awarded for contribution to education in the Property Management industry.  We continue to prioritize learning for staff and our clients through sponsored formal education and professional development, seminars for clients, webinars, e-guides and our blog.

Larlyn was awarded for contributions to education in the Property Management industry.
Failing to plan is planning to fail. Larlyn Property Management provides you with a plan.

Larlyn’s ISO 9001 certification ensures we have the best plan in place and are held accountable to that plan.  We run our business within audited standards of high performance, experience, stability and accountability and direct our clients to run their communities like small businesses with the same efficiency.  We are also REQUIRED to consistently improve quality.  This, along with our ACMO 2000 certification and our IREM AMO certification, is a testimonial to the emphasis we put on raising the bar in customer satisfaction.

Our latest technology enables unique benefits to our clients like timely, accurate and CUSTOMIZED financial and operational management as well as data integrity and fiscal control.  We protect your private data and provide secure online access 24/7.

Larlyn Property management uses the latest technology to provide accurate and CUSTOMIZED financial and operational management in B.C, Alberta, and Ontario
Larlyn is prided on consistency and offers a smooth transition for all employees and clients to ensure their motto

Our audited processes and procedures are designed to ensure consistency. Everyone is trained to know who does what and how they are to do it.   Responsibilities are easily repeatable, providing smooth transitions when clients and employees first join the Larlyn family, and throughout any changes in our relationship.  Larlyn offers a guaranteed commitment to continually earn your business and never take it for granted.