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Residential Property Management

Multi & Single-Family
Residential Income Generating Property Management

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Whether you have invested in real estate to generate revenue or have moved from your residence and wish to retain ownership, Larlyn can help maximize your return while protecting your investment.

Larlyn’s residential property management services strive to increase your profits and property values while decreasing your workload and involvement. Whether you’re a private real estate owner, developer or asset manager, we work with you collaboratively to achieve your goals. Your success is our success!

From our quality and depth of staffing, clarity of comprehensive financial reports and ongoing quality management systems demanded through IS0 9001:2008 and IREM’s Accredited Management Organization certification, Larlyn exemplifies its drive to deliver outstanding customer service and a commitment to quality property management that continuously raises the bar in customer satisfaction. We’ve been doing so since 1975.

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Residential Property Management Services

When you hire Larlyn to take care of your rental property management service, we can take care of it all. We protect, maintain, market, consult and handle the finance and administration of your assets. We are your partner behind the scenes and we’ll manage your investment and increase its value as if it were our own. We possess the property management experience and expertise in residential, commercial and mixed use properties.

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The Key to Success is a
Happy Tenant

It is a well-known fact that it is easier and more profitable to keep a tenant than to find a new tenant. To keep vacancies low, customer service satisfaction must be high. Your customer is our customer! Larlyn’s rental property management team that has the experience and training with various amenities and building features to ensure tenants feel at home.

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Why Choose Larlyn‘s Rental Property Management Services

We offer the vast benefits of a large, diverse, successful, national company along with the pride of local care that is extended by the experts in each of our regional offices. Our residential property management staff is familiar with each of their unique communities and we can promise that you won’t get “lost in the shuffle.

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But don’t take our word for it!

We’’d love to share examples of our successes where we worked hard to solve problems, lower vacancies, improve cashflow, reposition properties and add value to investments.

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140 Langarth, London, ON



140 Langarth, London, ON

23 unit – 3 story walkup


  • 30% vacant
  • Undesirable mix of tenants resulting in high turnover and tenant arrears
  • Numerous police call outs & neighbourhood complaints


  • Removed all existing tenants
  • Upgraded all units and common areas, replaced roof and windows
  • Within 6 months, a 5 year head lease signed with local social agency resulting in 100% occupancy for last 10 years
  • Working with local utility company to upgrade all lighting & appliances to energy efficient products to reduce operating costs
Stanley Park, Kitchener, ON

Vacancy below



Stanley Park, Kitchener, ON

74 unit High Rise


  • High vacancy, rents lower than competing properties
  • Building in state of disprepair, maintenance deferred
  • Underground parking garage leaking


  • Repositioned building in marketplace
  • Renovated hallways, lobby and individual suites
  • Installed new membrane and plantings on parking garage
  • Majority of undesirable tenants turned over resulting in lower vacancy
  • Rents doubled within 24 months
  • Vacancy rate reduced to below 3% annually
  • Client objectives met, property units sold
Chelsea Park, Kitchener, ON



Chelsea Park, Kitchener, ON

71 unit High Rise


  • High Vacancy, high arrears
  • General maintenance deferred


  • Complete interior and exterior renovation including common areas and suites
  • Majority of undesirable tenants turned over resulting in lower vacancy and arrears
  • Rents increased between 30% and 45% within 24 months
  • Client objectives met, property units sold
Legacy, London, ON

Year to date

vacancy below


Legacy, London, ON

118 unit High Rise


  • History of high vacancy throughout many owners, minimum 25%


  • Repositioned building in marketplace
  • Completed minor unit upgrades as well as hallways and lobby at a minimal cost
  • Vacancy reduced to market within 6 months
  • Year to date vacancy fell below 2%
  • Client objectives met, property units sold
River North, London, ON

Vacancy reduced to


River North, London, ON

666 unit High Rise


  • Building in state of disrepair
  • Vacancy at 75%


  • Completed all necessary repairs including suite upgrades, common area upgrades, underground parking garage repairs and riser replacements
  • Repositioned building within market
  • Vacancy reduced to 3% within 18 months
  • Mortgagee’s objectives met, property sold
Colborne Centre, London, ON



in operating expenses

Colborne Centre, London, ON

132 unit High Rise


  • Minimum 12% vacancy in quality downtown building
  • Deferred Maintenance
  • Operating costs out of control resulting in negative cashflow


  • Maintenance brought up to date
  • Saved $78,000 in operating expenses
  • Brought vacancy down to 3% within 12 months
  • Positive Cashflow achieved
  • Client objectives met, property units sold

Larlyn will never take your business for granted.
We work hard to continually guarantee your satisfaction.

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