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Most of us spend more time at work than we do at home. With decades of experience making houses feel like home, Larlyn understands the importance of making the space people work in feel just right too. As experts in commercial building property management, we appreciate the value of tenant satisfaction, which is especially true for commercial investments as individual tenants can have a substantial impact on the returns for the property.

If you have chosen to invest in commercial real estate for office spaces, industrial spaces or retail spaces, our commercial property management services will help maximize your return while protecting your investment. We’ll make sure you’re increasing your profits and commercial property values while decreasing your workload and involvement. Your success is our success!

Commercial Property
Management Services

As your commercial property management company, Larlyn takes care of it all. We protect, maintain, market, consult, and handle the finance and administration of your commercial rental property.  We are your partner behind the scenes managing your investment and increasing its value as if it were our own.

The Key to Success is a
Happy Commercial Tenant

It is a well-known fact that it is easier and more profitable to keep a tenant than to find a new tenant. To keep vacancies low, customer service satisfaction must be high. Your customer is our customer!

How We Create Happy Commercial Tenants

Larlyn’s commercial property management team has the experience and training with various amenities and building features to ensure your commercial property’s tenants feel at home. We’re a business property management company that operates with entrepreneurial spirit and shares the goal of assisting our clients and their tenants to ensure they prosper.

Larlyn tenants are always treated with respect and we strive to make them feel like a part of the family. Making communication a priority is just the start of building positive, lasting relationships with satisfied tenants.

Why Choose Larlyn‘s
Commercial Property
Management Services?

We offer the vast benefits of a large, diverse, successful, national company along with the pride of local care that is extended by the experts in each of our regional offices. Our commercial property management staff is familiar with each of their unique communities, and we can promise that you won’t get “lost in the shuffle.”

A retail, commercial property managed by Larlyn, located at 561 Southdale Road, London, ON



561 Southdale Road, London, ON

Retail Plaza


  • Construction was partially completed when put into receivership
  • In a state of disrepair, windows broken, HVACs removed
  • The original building was 26, 210 sq ft
  • 62% vacant


  • Construction completed and 100% occupied within 12 months
  • Application for tax rebate approved by the City
  • Expanded building by 6,378 sq ft in 24 months and 2 national retailers added
  • Added another 1200 sq ft 3 years later
  • Client’s objectives met, retail plaza sold
A commercial plaza managed by Larlyn, located at 920 Leathorne, London, ON



920 Leathorne, London, ON

Industrial Plaza


  • 60% Vacancy
  • Negative Cashflow


  • Upgraded individual units with minimal costs
  • 100% occupied within 12 months
  • Rents increased by 18%
  • Positive Cashflow
A commercial plaza managed by Larlyn, located at 109 Meg, London, Ontario



109 Meg, London, ON

Industrial Plaza


  • 66% vacant
  • Receiver managed


  • Vacancy reduced to 10% within 12 months
  • 100% occupied within 15 months
  • 80% with triple A tenants
  • Taxes reduced to reflect market
  • Client’s objectives met, property sold

Client Successes

As a leading commercial property management company in Canada, we love to share examples of our successes where we worked hard to solve problems, lower vacancies, improve cash flow, reposition properties and add value to investments.

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