Accredited Management Organization® – Meaning and Importance of the Designation

Accredited Management Organization Designation Awards - Larlyn Property Management

The firm that meets the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)’s requirements for designation as an Accredited Management Organization (AMO)® joins the ranks of the most respected property management companies in the world.

AMO® status requires a continuing commitment to excellence.

AMO® firms meet the highest standards of professionalism and stringent requirements for operational and financial reliability. And these standards must be maintained–accreditation is reviewed every three years.

The firm that earns the AMO® designation is recognized as having met the highest standards in the areas of education, experience, integrity and fiscal stability.

In Ontario, we are also ACMO 2000 Certified by the Condominium Standards Council.  You can be sure Larlyn continues to offer predictable, high levels of quality service practicing and meeting the highest standards for quality processes.