E-Book: Breaking Down Ontario Condo Act Changes

Breaking Down Ontario Condo Act Changes

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Long awaited Ontario Condo Act Changes are here – what does it mean?

The province of Ontario has amended the Condominium Act and enacted a new piece of legislation called the Condominium Management Services Act.  These changes are the first improvements in over 16 years which introduce new condo authorities and regulations to enhance consumer protection.  Some of the benefits which were born out of collaborative efforts of condo owners, developers, managers and other experts over more than 18 months of review provided by the changes in legislation include:

  • Improve Communication between boards and owners
  • Mandatory Training for Condo Directors
  • Mandatory Education and Licensing of Managers
  • Consumer Protection
  • Simplify Access to Records
  • Enhance Owner participation in meetings
  • Streamlined Dispute Resolution

Changes to the Act will allow for flexibility and consumer input in a rapidly changing industry by permitting the development of regulations. This guide has been assembled in collaboration with Denise Lash Condo Law to explain the changes as we understand them prior to their implementation scheduled as early as November 1, 2017.  Our current customer can stay on top of new announcements through Director Connections.