E-Book: Get on Board: The Board Members Guidebook to Successful Stewardship of your Community

Condo Board Table - Larlyn Property Management's Guidebook to Successful Stewardship of Your Community

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Considering joining your building’s Board of Directors?

This guide not only covers the requirements and responsibilities of the position but also provides tactical techniques to effectively display your leadership skills and support.

In this free learning guide, you will learn:

  • What reasons people often choose to be part of the board of directors
  • If you are qualified for the position
  • What your obligations will be
  • How to have the right attitude for the job
  • How to create new member orientation for your board
  • How to run EFFECTIVE board meetings that discuss all the important matters
  • Successful budgeting practices.

This 27-page E-Guide is a great read for an aspiring Board Member, a new board member, or someone who’s evaluating if becoming a board member is the right role for them.

We hope you enjoy it!