Who is Responsible for Balcony Maintenance?

Who is Responsible for Balcony Maintenance? – Larlyn Property Management

Living in a condo can become a little confusing regarding upkeep. While most condominium boards are responsible for common elements and grounds, who is responsible for balcony repairs in a condo? While a balcony can be considered a common element because it is an exterior space, it is also known as an exclusive-use element.

Identifying Responsibilities for Maintenance

Depending on the contract signed when the condo was acquired, the unit owner may be responsible for condo balcony maintenance, but if balcony repairs are needed, it’s a larger conversation between the condo board and the unit owner based on ownership paperwork and why the repairs are required. Normal repairs are usually the association’s responsibility, but if it’s negligence by the owner, they may become liable for the repairs.

What Steps Need to Be Taken to Get the Repairs Done?

When one balcony has obvious damage or maintenance needs, it’s important to notify the condo association, board, or management company. If they are responsible for balcony repairs, this usually starts an investigation of other balconies in the building to handle everything at once.

A professional company should assess all damage to determine each balcony’s repairs. Once this is completed, a cost estimate and an estimated repair schedule and timelines are produced to coordinate properly with the management company and each unit owner.

How Much Will It Cost to Actually Have the Repairs Done?

Repair costs are based on the damage, what needs repairing, the products required, and the labour involved. Costs can vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. For instance, replacing a railing may not be as expensive as structural damage. Getting exact costs from an expert is key.

Assessing the condition of the balcony should occur at least once a year, especially after a heavy winter, to avoid additional problems later.

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