How to Solve Common Balcony Problems

Balcony in an apartment building

Condo property management comes with many challenges, one of which is balcony problems. Whether it’s safety concerns, privacy issues, or maintenance challenges, addressing these problems can make a significant difference in how your tenants use and enjoy their balconies. And while many tenants enjoy having and using a balcony, it’s important that each resident understand balcony do’s and don’ts. Below are some strategies your board can implement to address common condominium and strata balcony issues.

Patio Furniture and Plants

Skyscraper-style condo structures often experience high winds, which can lift items over the railing. Furniture, lamps, or potted plants can do considerable damage when winds are high, and such damage is inevitably costly.

Wind accidents can occur even in modest-sized condominiums, but specific rules should be outlined if your building exceeds 15 stories.

Adding weight requirements to patio furniture can solve many problems, as well as banning the placing of potted plants on railings or on high tables situated near those railings. Requiring residents to store certain patio furniture indoors overnight or when they are away is also beneficial.

Additions and Alterations

Alterations and additions are commonplace in condo living but can become problematic if a resident goes too far. For example, a reading light clipped onto a railing is unlikely to cause a problem, but making structural changes to add a permanent light fixture probably will.

This is just one example of why you must ensure your board has developed rules and regulations about balcony use and understands these regulations thoroughly to keep each resident in compliance.


Balcony cooking is a fun activity, but one that can quickly pose dangers if non-negotiable rules are not in place. Smoke entering units, unpleasant odours, and possible health hazards stemming from propane tank use are just a few potential problems.

To head off these issues in advance, consider sending an annual overview of your specific balcony cooking rules to all residents each spring.


Noise and odour complaints may quickly pile up if certain residents keep pets on their balconies. This is why balcony rules specific to animals should be plainly outlined in each person’s welcome package. Residents should clearly understand the repercussions they may face if these rules or by-laws are broken.


Condo residents with limited space are often tempted to use balconies for storage. This can lead to a cluttered appearance of the building, especially if an excessive number of items are piled up on the balcony. Bicycle storage is a topic frequently up for debate in this category. The best approach is giving each owner a detailed list of items for which balcony storage is prohibited.


Excessive noise, cigarette butts being flicked off balconies, or becoming the accidental target of another person shaking out a rug or watering a plant does not create a contented community. Condo balcony etiquette should be an integral part of your condo welcome package, and goes a long way toward having happy, satisfied residents.

Reduce Balcony Issues with Professional Condo Management Services

Larlyn Property Management specializes in the successful running of condo and strata corporations. We have decades of experience managing and handling balcony-related issues and other tenant concerns your board may have. We can create the proper documentation and regulations to keep your tenants safe and comfortable. Your success is our success, so reach out today for information about how we can help your board of directors build a safer, more contented condo community.