Scam Alert: Fake Facebook Page Presents Identity Theft Risk

Unsuspecting victim of identity theft after sharing personal information with fake facebook page holding mobile device in front of a laptop. Black and white photo with red stamp labelled FRAUD.

As social media platforms become more and more popular, the number of scams and fraudulent activities on these platforms has seen an alarming rise. One such scam that has recently come to light involves a fake Facebook page posing as Larlyn Property Management Ltd. This page is luring unsuspecting individuals with false career posts and obtaining their personal information, thus putting them at risk of identity theft.

Identifying the Fake Facebook Page

The imposter’s Facebook page purports to be Larlyn Property Management Ltd., a reputable entity in the property management industry. They have used unethical methods to gain illegitimate followers causing the fake page to appear authentic. Quality content has been pulled from our website to enhance the ruse and they even link to our website further confusing unsuspecting visitors. However, the quality of the graphics used in the cover photo appears inferior, exhibiting signs of blurriness or pixelation.

comparison of real vs. fake facebook page

Key Differences Between the Fake Page and Our Legitimate Page

Larlyn’s Legitimate Facebook Page
  • Cover image of buildings
  • The profile photo has a white background with a red graphic
  • Page name has Ltd in lowercase
  • A small number of likes and followers
  • The category is Property Management
  • Location lists multiple cities where we provide services
  • Telephone: 1-888-496-0753
  • Branded email address:
Fake Facebook Page
  • Cover image is a blurry logo
  • The Profile photo has a red background with a white graphic
  • Page name has LTD in uppercase
  • Over 2000 likes and followers unethically gained
  • The Category is Real Estate
  • Location only lists our Head Office address
  • Telephone: unrecognizable mobile number
  • Unbranded Outlook email address

False Career Post: A Trap for Personal Information

We have reported this page repeatedly to Facebook without a successful resolution. Until recently this was simply an annoyance. However, after discovering the fake Facebook page posted a career ad, we felt it necessary to warn our current and prospective clients and team members. This fake career posting attempts to attract victims with the promise of enticing job opportunities within Larlyn Property Management Ltd. Should anyone respond to the post, they are unknowingly sharing private details common during a job search with the imposters. This could include information such as their full name, home address, social insurance number, and bank account details which can be used for ill-intended purposes, putting the individuals at risk.

The Potential Danger of Identity Theft

Falling victim to these deceptive job postings can set the stage for a devastating instance of identity theft. The criminals behind these scams can use the personal information they gather to carry out several harmful activities in your name. For instance, they could open up new lines of credit or establish bank accounts, perpetrate unauthorized transactions, or even commit crimes while posing as you. The fallout from identity theft can be widespread and long-lasting, impacting everything from your credit score to your legal standing. Navigating the process to reclaim your identity and correct the damage can be an intricate and lengthy endeavour.

How to Protect Yourself from Such Scams

Safeguarding yourself from these deceptive schemes requires a combination of online vigilance and informed skepticism. When encountering job offers on social media, it’s advisable to perform a comprehensive verification process. Be wary of sharing sensitive details online. Only proceed if you can confidently affirm the platform’s legitimacy and its adherence to robust security protocols. Another crucial preventive measure is to frequently review your financial records and credit reports, keeping an eye out for any discrepancies or unfamiliar transactions. This can help identify any unauthorized activities at their earliest, mitigating potential damages.

Reporting the Scam and Spreading Awareness

If you stumble upon the bogus Larlyn Property Management Ltd. Facebook page or any similar deceptive schemes, it’s crucial to take action right away. Start by reporting the imposter page directly to Facebook for breaching its community standards. Don’t stop there – actively participate in raising awareness about these scams. Inform your friends, family, and colleagues and use your social media platforms to warn others. The power of information in the digital world is a strong tool for preventing such harmful activities from continuing.

illustration of how to report fake Facebook post