Resolving Condo Parking Shortages

Entrance to a condo parking garage

The purpose of a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), or condo board, is to curate and maintain a beautiful, harmonious community for residents and tenants. One of the most significant challenges for condo property managers is a lack of good parking spaces. The best solution is specialized condominium parking structures. In this blog, we will discuss common HOA parking problems, how to identify them, and ways to resolve common parking issues.

Common HOA Parking Problems

The source of most community parking problems is limited parking space. This seemingly simple problem manifests in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Streets and lawns used for parking
  • Residents parking in guest parking
  • Residents parking in unassigned spots
  • Blocked driveways
  • Double parking

These inconveniences are not trivial. They reduce the quality of life for rule-abiding residents, and they lower the property’s value. This negatively impacts residents who follow the rules, improve their homes, and expect a good return on their investments if, and when they choose to sell. To keep these problems from spiraling out of control, professional condo management experienced with condominium parking is the best solution.

How to Identify Common Problems

The most important way to spot these problems before they manifest in unsightly parking habits is to match the number of residents to available parking spots. Ideally, there should be at least two parking spots for each condo unit, one for the resident and an accompanying guest spot. This leaves room for the resident and one for a guest vehicle. If parking rules are enforced properly, multiple guests should carpool. In addition to this, an overflow guest parking area may be created.

Condo board members should look for overcrowded parking areas or unauthorized parking. The misuse of guest and assigned parking spots indicates that parking problems are on the rise. For example, lawn parking will suggest that condo boards need to act.

How to Resolve Common Parking Issues

With proper condo management, a few time-tested, proven parking regulation techniques, and well-placed condominium parking these problems can be reduced and eliminated before they start.

Implement Strict Condo Parking Rules

Condo boards should set parking rules to ensure that policies are followed. They can educate new residents during their move-in. Going forward, these rules should be regularly communicated through newsletters, emails, and signage.

Some examples of parking rules could include:

  • Assigned spaces for each condo unit
  • A parking decal system
  • Guest parking and guest passes
  • First-come first-served parking
  • Parking regulation enforcement
  • Regulation signage
  • Vehicle booting and towing

Establish a Fee Structure

If there are not enough parking spaces for all residents, condo boards can charge residents for parking spaces. The fee can either be set up as a part of their condo fees or as a separate fee, to fund maintenance and security. This will ensure that tenants who need parking spaces get them without any issues.

Promote Alternative Modes of Transportation

Condo boards can encourage residents to use public transportation, carpool, or ride-sharing services to reduce the demand for parking. Additionally, they can promote walking or biking as alternative means of transportation.

Develop a Guest Parking Area

Clearly marking spaces for residents and spaces for visitors to prevent confusion. To prevent issues with guest parking, condo boards can set up an online reservation system to ensure parking availability. Additionally, guest parking time can be limited to free up parking spaces for people.

Overcome HOA Parking Problems with Larlyn Property Management

In the absence of parking facilities or condo parking rules, problems are certain to arise. Larlyn Property Management is an experienced company that specializes in condo and HOA management. Our team of condo property management experts can help alleviate your community’s parking woes. If you need help sorting out parking garage problems or actioning condo parking rules, get in touch with Larlyn Property Management today.