What does a property management company do for a condo association?

Condo Managed by Larlyn Property Management working with the Condo Association

Condominium board members usually discover that balancing their neighbours’ wants and needs with fiscal responsibility can be overwhelming. Few condo board members draw a stipend, and those who do get some payment find it’s simply not worth the time or stress.

If you are a volunteer or underpaid board member, it may be in your best interest to hire a condominium management company. An experienced property management company works closely with the leadership team and residents to open communication and get everyone on the same page. But fostering harmony among community members is just a pleasant result of rigorous attention to detail and proactive planning. These are things a top-flight condo management company can do to make life easier and residents happier.

Condo Management Professionals Provide Strategic Planning

Condo association board members have every reason to be frustrated about the seemingly endless amount of planning, and due diligence asked of them. What initially seemed like a terrific way to give back often turns into a full-time headache. That’s why so many leadership teams delegate the following to professionals.

  • Provide executive-level planning and consultation for board members
  • Execute a management plan and policies after board approval
  • Maintain detailed records of board meetings, activities, and transactions.

While all of these labour-intensive items are typically a time management relief, the value of strategic planning from experts in the field can prove invaluable.

Deliver Effective Administrative Services

Condo board members often rank administrative services among their top challenges. That’s largely because communicating directly with condo association neighbours tends to be intrusive. Once even the kindest residents know how to text or email board members, you are on task 24-7. Solutions such as hiring a 9-to-5 person to take a lead role usually result in added personnel supervision.

A condominium management company often recommends putting one of their experienced professionals in place to schedule meetings, deliver monthly reports, ensure regulations are evenly enforced, and provide board members with advance information such as annual budgeting. Condo leaders gain these and other benefits while reducing text messages, emails and sidestepping an unnecessary supervisor role.

Site Management Services Prove Invaluable

Fiscal responsibility may rank among your top-tier reasons to delegate the workload to a professional property management company. But nothing ruffles more feathers than grounds that do not appear manicured every day. Common issues that may not get adequate attention include:

  • Lawns & Gardens
  • Swimming Pools
  • Community Gathering Areas
  • Recreation Centers
  • Streets & Parking Lots
  • Outdoor Lighting

The list can go on and on, and that’s why a condo management organization usually advocates having at least one of its staff onsite to coordinate upkeep and maintenance daily.

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