Understand Condo Fee Regulations in Alberta

Understanding Alberta condo fee regulations - Larlyn Property Management.

Understanding condo fee regulations in Alberta is essential for anyone considering or already owning a condominium. Having a thorough grasp of condo fees ensures compliance with the law. In this guide, we will examine several key aspects of condo fees in Alberta, providing valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate the complexities of condominium ownership with confidence.

What Are Condo Fees?

If you want to buy or already own a condo then you may have questions about the expenses included in condo fees. Typical expenses covered by condo fees include shared utilities and insurance, maintenance of common facilities, and reserves for emergency funds. To fully appreciate condominium living, it is important to understand its unique aspects and intricacies. Additionally, knowing about these costs can benefit condo owners’ financial planning and budgeting efforts.

What Happens If I Do Not Pay My Condo Fees?

Neglecting to pay condo dues could lead to negative consequences. If you fall behind on payments, your condo board may take legal action against you, resulting in additional expenses or potentially placing a lien on your property. It is important that you make condo fee payments on time, so the condominium managers can properly operate the condominium complex and preserve its financial stability.

Condo Fee Factors to Consider Before Buying a Condo

Before buying a condo, you should be able to answer the questions:

Will you be using all the amenities in the complex?

If you do not intend to use most of the amenities in the complex, such as fitness center or swimming pool, you might consider finding a comparable unit in a condominium with fewer amenities and lower fees.

Do the contributions seem low compared to other properties?

If the condominium has many services but has unusually low monthly contributions (fees), you should be careful. The condominium corporation may not have sufficient funds in its reserve fund to cover future repair and replacement expenses.

Is the seller behind on their dues?

Make sure to request an estoppel certificate before making an offer to purchase a unit. It will confirm whether the current owner has fully paid their dues or if any fees are outstanding. If you buy a unit with unpaid fees, those fees will transfer to you as the new owner, becoming your responsibility.

How Are Condo Fee Contribution Calculated?

The condominium fees are usually set by the board annually after assessing all operating and reserve fund requirements. The total amount needed to cover the condominium’s expenses is divided among unit owners based on the unit factor, which is assigned to their specific unit (unless the bylaws specify otherwise). In most cases unit factors are proportional to the size of the unit; increasing with its size. If you are not sure about how unit factors are assigned in your condominium, you can refer to the schedule attached to your condominium plan.

How Do I Get Information About Condo Contributions?

Potential buyers should request and review the financial statements and budgets for the condominium. Insurance makes up a significant portion of condo fees. It is important to understand condo insurance in Alberta because separate policies are required to cover both the condo corporation (included in fees) and the individual unit owner (arranged and paid for by the unit owner). This information helps in understanding the risks and overall financial condition of the condominium.

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