10 Fall Condo Social Events

corn on the cob

One of the great benefits of living in a condo residence is the socializing aspect that forges a great sense of community and belonging. Below are a few ideas for holding simple social events this fall. Getting involved is always a rewarding experience and a chance to form new friendships.

1. Scarecrow Harvest Picnic -BBQ & corn on the cob accompanied with fun outdoor fall harvest games with a scarecrow theme. Bring in bales of straw and have residents build their own scarecrow to decorate their condo.

2. Pumpkin-Fest– bring in pumpkins for residents decorate or paint, add pumpkin themed games, a scavenger hunt and pumpkin spice treats!

3. Board Game Night – break out the old fashion board games and everyone brings a snack to share.

4. CPR/First Aid Training– arrange to have a course held for the community.

5. Walking Club

6. Craft Club- alternate different types of crafts; knitting, scrapbooking, ceramics.

7. Field Trip– organize off-site trips to local sports events, theme parks, small town excursions, Christmas craft shows, virtual reality gaming centres. Sky is the limit!

8. Christmas Open Doors -visit various homes willing to host for 30-45mins at a time. Good local cheer, food and fun.

9. Classes– arrange for instructors or in-community talent to learn new languages, cultures, how to dance or new skill.

10. Swap Meet– pick a theme and gather your junk then get together to swap. Clothes, home décor, kitchenware or kids’ items.

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