Ontario Bill 106 – Condo Act Reform

Canadian Condominium Act under review - Larlyn Property Management


Proposed condo changes in Ontario

Ontario is currently participating in condo act reform to strengthen the rights of people who buy and live in condominiums.

This extremely well received webinar discussed key changes proposed in legislation. These proposed changes have not been passed by the legislature yet. Reforms are subject to change and the act may be revised during the legislative process.  We will also discussed the process itself – what has happened to date and where we go next.

Armand G.R. Conant, partner with Shibley Righton LLP Barristers and Solicitors and expert in Condominium Law and Real Estate gave a wonderful, “down to earth” presentation as he discussed the following:

  • Consumer Protection – for owners and buyers
  • Financial Management
  • Condo Authority & Dispute Resolution (the Tribunal)
  • Governance – How to run a corporation
  • Licensing of Condo Property Managers (Condominium Management Services Act, 2015)
  • The Reform Process – how we got here, where we are, next steps in process

Thank you again Armand for joining us so that we may “learn with Larlyn.”

The webinar recording will be available as soon as possible.

To download the presentation slides, click here.