CONDO INSURANCE – Basic Claims Process

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Building on Condo Insurance 101 which discussed basic terminology, how condo acts and by-laws apply, what’s included in a standard condo insurance policy, responsibilities of unit owners and board of directors and the importance of proper appraisals, Wendy Wildeman of Rogers Insurance Ltd. continues to unravel the mysteries of Condo Insurance.

In these recordings, we cover:

  • Basic Claims Process
  • The 2 Important Questions Which Determine if a Claim Will Be Accepted
  • Excluded Perils
  • How to be Prepared
  • Examples of Actual Approved and Denied Condo Insurance Claims

Due to the differences in regulations and acts between the provinces, we are happy to provide two SEPARATE events applicable to the individual provinces:

Click here to view the ALBERTA WEBINAR RECORDING

Click here to view the ONTARIO WEBINAR RECORDING

You can also download a copy of Wendy’s presentation without the audio here:

ALBERTA PRESENTATION SLIDES: – Condo Insurance Part 2 – Alberta

ONTARIO PRESENTATION SLIDES:  – Condo Insurance Part 2 – Ontario

PART THREE: Risk Management: common sense tips to prevent loss and protect your property, the importance of contracts, and advice to keep rates low.

Downloadable E-Book combining all presentations in one handy illustrated reference available here.