Winter Concrete Care Tips

A worker taking care of concrete surfaces during the winter.
  • Shovel snow from driveway, sidewalk and steps to reduce number of freeze/melt cycles
  • Use a plastic shovel instead of a metal one as bent/sharp corners of a worn metal shovel can damage the surface of certain types of concrete.
  • Avoid salt which is very corrosive to concrete and will eventually, if not immediately, cause damage to many types of concrete.
  • Choose deicer carefully

 Types of Deicer

All deicers have the potential to damage concrete. As ice and snow melt, it enters the pores of the concrete as salty water. When the temperature drops below the rated temperature for that particular product, it can refreeze and expand in the pores of the concrete causing damage.

One alternative to deicers is to spread sand or fine gravel on the surface. If you choose to use a deicer for safety concerns, you may want to first protect the surface(s) with a salt resistant sealer. There are many sealants available for all surfaces that will protect from the effects of salt. There are also sealants with grip additive built into them that can increase traction.