Fort McMurray Fire Update

Larlyn Property Management provides Insurance Information for Fort McMurray Fire evacuees.

This Fort McMurray fire event will be covered by valid insurance policies.

While all residents of Fort McMurray have been evacuated, as of 8am May 6th, 2016, fortunately none of the condominium properties under Larlyn’s management have sustained damage.  We are not out of the woods yet and are hopeful that this situation will be under control very soon but want to provide you with general information and brief overview as it relates to the insurance placed for your Condominium Corporation.

The condo corporations carry coverage for the structure – the interior and exterior structure elements and all common property.  This notably includes ceilings, walls and original floors within your unit; subject to policy terms and conditions. The responsibility to insure for betterments and improvements will depend on the current by-laws for your Condo Corporation.

The Unit Owner’s or Tenant’s personal insurance policy protects loss to personal contents and belongings and additional living expenses.  In a recent webinar series and E-Book, we described this as everything that falls out should you tip your unit up side down.  Depending on your Condo By-Laws, you may or may not be responsible to insure your unit owner betterments & improvements.  Improvements may include upgrades from the original plan, such as flooring, cabinets, counter tops, etc.  If you have not already done so, please contact your personal insurance provider with respect to your contents and additional living expenses while you are out of your homes.

Should you have any additional questions regarding insurance – please contact our Insurance Broker, Rogers Insurance at 1-800-565-8132 and ask to speak to Wendy or someone on the Larlyn team.  They are more than willing to assist you.

Rogers Insurance, also has shared generic information on their website including:

  • claims hotline number
  • after hours emergency number
  • links to the claims forms
  • email addresses
  • Insurer contact information
  • Evacuation updates

We are trying to maintain necessary contact with our boards of directors as we navigate through this disaster.  Once we are allowed back in, damages will be assessed and repair will commence as quickly as possible.  Please understand that this will take time in light of the magnitude of the destruction in the area.

To those who are tenants within rental pool units managed by Larlyn within condominiums managed by other condominium management companies, please contact your personal insurance company with respect to your contents and additional living expense while you are out of your homes. Additional questions will need to be addressed with the management company who manages your corporation.

All residents evacuated due to the Fort McMurray fire are encouraged to register with the Red Cross as soon as possible no matter where you are currently either by calling 1-888-350-6070 or registering on their web portal:


This will allow them to reach you as more information becomes available and will ensure you have access to the services you may need in the times ahead.  If you’ve already registered with an evacuation centre or RMWB, you do not need to register again.

Our thoughts are with you.