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Your Property Management Company in Victoria, British Columbia

When it comes to property management companies, Victoria, British Columbia may have a lot to offer. However, Larlyn provides expert property management services for everything from luxury high-rises, and quaint townhouse complexes, to commercial buildings.

Property Management Services in Victoria

Condominium management icon

Strata Management

Managing stratas should be without hassle and as profitable for the property owner as possible. We bring a full repertoire of services to our clients, so stratas are always occupied, attractive, and making money.

Residential management icon

Residential Management

Leave the hassle of managing residential rental properties to Larlyn. We utilize proven strategies to ensure tenants are happy, and property owners have as little stress as possible.

Commercial services icon

Commercial Services

Looking for management for your hotel, senior living facility, or office building? Larlyn can help you with everything from navigating complex administrative tasks to property maintenance.

Developer consulting icon

Developer Consulting

If your community is under construction, work with our developer consultants to carry out the project in a way that is bound to yield profitable results.

Specialized Management and Consulting icon

Specialized Management & Consulting

Have special needs when it comes to property management? We understand how different types of properties can have unique needs, so we can offer a tailored property management plan to suit your needs.


We handle maintenance quickly and in a way that disrupts tenants as little as possible. We work with a certified maintenance organization to tackle projects as soon as they come up in the most professional way, and can handle most repair and maintenance issues on our own.  

We strive for top occupancy rates for every one of our clients. Therefore, we are excellent at making properties attractive to new tenants, helping you retain existing tenants, and advertising your property to prospective tenants.  

At Larlyn, we take pride in being capable of managing just about any type of property imaginable. We can help you manage stratas, townhomes, single-family rental properties, apartment complexes, and even communities that are still under construction. We can also help with commercial and industrial properties. 

Trust an Experienced Property Management Company in Victoria B.C.

Larlyn’s goal as a property management company has always been to foster close working relationships with each of our clients in Victoria, B.C. We have years of experience and a growing portfolio of properties we manage. Want to know more about our property management services in Victoria, British Columbia? Reach out to discuss your needs with a member of our team.