Why You Should Form a Condo Welcoming Committee

Why You Should Form a Condo Welcoming Committee

It is very common in condo communities that people move in with very little knowledge about their unit and even less about the rules.  Moving is usually a hectic time.  Lots of paperwork is shuffled and set aside to read when there is more time which never seems to materialize.  Even communities with the best of intentions who provide detailed welcome packages find residents not knowing about what to do about basic things.

Items Detailed in a Condo Welcome Package

In a welcome package, new residents can feel more at home by learning how to dispose of their garbage, how or when to use facilities, what to expect from the concierge, or what to do about guest parking. New residents may also benefit by learning how the various card readers or fobs operate or how to open doors.

Minimize Friction with a Welcoming Committee

This lack of information when moving into a new space can create a hectic pace and even chaos in a condo with people running around not knowing what to do or where to go for information. For example, new rental tenants of condo units generally do not know that problems in their suites should be brought to the attention of their landlord (the unit owner)—not to the manager’s office.  Wouldn’t you agree that receiving information face to face would allow new residents and tenants to remember details far better than if they just received a stack of paper?  Why not consider a welcoming committee?  A group of long term residents, maybe even board members with the specific purpose of helping new neighbours learn about their community.

Structuring Your Welcome Committee

When you welcome a new neighbour to your community, your welcoming committee can be as simple as a one on one personal conversation or a regularly scheduled orientation session or meet and greet – get creative based on the style of community and personality of the group.  What’s old is new again is a popular theme in the media.  Why not resurrect that old tradition of welcoming new neighbours with a basket of muffins, a friendly face and helping them get to know the lay of the land.  This can go a long way to prevent future conflicts and you might just make a new friend in the process!

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