Customer Satisfaction & Peer Recognition Shared

Customer Satisfaction at Larlyn Property Management

We’re Bursting with pride!

Positive change is underway and on the horizon which was evident at our recent National Town Hall Meeting as an abundance of Peer Recognition and Customer Satisfaction examples were shared.  Everyone makes mistakes but they are a valuable tool for improvement when time is taken to learn from those mistakes and work as a team to apply the knowledge gained.

Here is just a small taste of recognition shared:

I was once asked by a contractor, why I like working for Larlyn.  My answer : “ I feel like family” with this company.

If you watch an interview with any athlete or coach who has just won a major title and you will invariably hear the words “hard work,” “determination” and — nine times out of 10 — “family.”

Like any family, Larlyn’s  teams are made up of members with different personalities, different perspectives and different strengths. This can be a challenge but, with well-defined  values, these differences can make a team stronger.

    Thanks to the entire team!!! – Sandy M.

Customer Satisfaction at Larlyn Property Management


“I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service that you have provided since you took management of our complex. You have been very attentive and helpful for our needs. Every time I have interacted with you, you have been genuinely interested in helping me.

Because of your efforts, I was able to get exactly what I needed for maintenance of complex and my unit and I am very satisfied with your professional services. I would like that your efforts do not go unnoticed in your company. You are part of a great team that makes unit owner feel very satisfied.”
                                                              – Mike P.


“I had the pleasure recently to work closely with Alvaro on a Condominium Complex that had been neglected and required multiple repairs and maintenance items addressed.  Alvaro proved to be knowledgeable and professional in his duties, completing them well before I expected, and to a level of expertise that totally satisfied the Condo Board as well as a large number of owners.  I am very particular about work being performed and my level of knowledge allows me the luxury of knowing when I am not getting the truth about the extent of the work.  If you need maintenance work done for any of your properties I highly recommend Alvaro.”

                                   –    Mike S.


” I am so impressed with this contract…there are services that will be provided that we have never had before. Between Crosby and Larlyn and our terrific Property Manager,  Nicole Horton, our jobs as Board members is a lot easier.”

– Jackie S.


I would like to commend Victoria Chester for embracing our new processes . I am most impressed with  her willingness to ask for clarification. She was involved in some intense training on the processes lately and I was so pleased to see she was able to take the training and apply it so accurately to her daily work! Positive change often fails because we are too afraid of making a mistake  when implementing something new.  Instead old habit or “comfort” tends to cloud our willingness to embrace change and improvement is delayed.  Victoria, thank you for letting positive change win over familiarity. You make all our hard work worth it!

    – Kate A.


“I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work
with Victoria Phillips for the past 2 -3 years .   She is very diligent and professional.  Always prepared for our quarterly meetings and is gracious whenever I need to contact her by phone or email.  Heavens knows the board has numerous requests for advice and guidance.  I cannot think of a single occurrence when Victoria didn’t have an immediate response.  In today’s world of self help, she is an invaluable asset.
As of last night, my  3 year term on the board ended.   I was willing to stay on the board for another term if no one came forward – the single biggest reason I would have continued was because of Victoria.”
                            – Brad W.

Customer Satisfaction at Larlyn Property Management

I am extremely proud to be part of this team and am excited for what awaits us as we work together one step at a time listening to each other, sharing successes, working through problems making each day better than the last.  As Sandy so eloquently shared, we are like family. We have our challenges and are made of different personalities, different perspectives and different strengths but work together  for each other and for our clients becoming better everyday.