Crime Prevention Tips For Condo Owners

Crime Prevention Tips for Condo Owners | Larlyn Property Management

Are you relying on others to report crimes in your community? One of the biggest problems in a condo, apartment or town home community is that people think that their neighbours are reporting crimes when often nobody is. Larlyn’s Condo Management team has organized the top crime prevention tips for condo owners to keep communities safe and reduce unreported crime.

Why Crimes Go Unreported in a Condo Community

When a theft or other petty crime occurs in your community, there is a presumption that a neighbour, building staff, or property manager has reported the crime.  Other times, a crime goes unreported because people believe nothing can be done, or perhaps due to a fear that insurance premiums may increase.  Unfortunately, this contradicts the expectations of the police, who count on residents to be their eyes and ears.  As a result, a majority of crimes go unreported which prevent police from being aware of and addressing crimes causing repeat offences.

Statistically, condos are less vulnerable to break-ins than other forms of housing.  However, most of all break and enters are preventable.  Active participation is always necessary to maintain security.

Crime Prevention & Condo Security Tips Recommended By Police:

  • To prevent crimes in condos, do not allow trespassers to follow you through doorways
  • Do not circumvent security by preventing doors from locking.  Avoid placing door stops, stones or twigs in the door’s pathway to defeat an auto locking mechanism
  • Take pictures or video of valuables so they can be used as proof in the event of theft
  • Periodically change the location of stored valuables
  • Do not leave valuables visible to view in a vehicle
  • Use a chain to secure motorcycles and bicycles
  • Report ALL crimes to the police
  • Take down license plate numbers of vehicles where the occupants are suspicious to you.  You can forward the information if an occurrence is reported to police officers