What Are Condo Declarations?

What are condo declarations? – Larlyn Property Management

Condo declarations are part of the set of legal documents that are created when a condominium is formed in Ontario. Also referred to as a declaration and description, these documents play an essential role in the process of creating a condominium. So much in fact that when registering with the province, the condo declarations must […]

Who is Responsible for Balcony Maintenance?

Who is Responsible for Balcony Maintenance? – Larlyn Property Management

Living in a condo can become a little confusing regarding upkeep. While most condominium boards are responsible for common elements and grounds, who is responsible for balcony repairs in a condo? While a balcony can be considered a common element because it is an exterior space, it is also known as an exclusive-use element. Identifying […]

Should Condo Owners Vote on Changes to Common Elements?

A condo complex in Canada

All property managers and condo board members eventually have questions about when to have condo owners vote to change common elements. However, whether or not a vote should be held is not a question of ‘should.” Instead, it’s a matter of becoming familiar with–and following–specific regulations pertaining to such activities: Under the law, a vote […]

Preparing for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle charging

Preparing for electric vehicles is currently on the minds of many Canadian property owners whether they are commercial, residential, or developing new properties. Municipal governments, vehicle manufacturers, and companies of all sizes and from all industries are embracing all-electric fleets within the next decade. Some individuals find this exciting, while others feel their paths are […]

5 Tips on How to Pick a Property Manager

Man and woman meeting a property manager

Property managers are professionals who can take over the day to day responsibilities of a landlord or board of directors. Some of these responsibilities include basic accounting and reports, rent or fee collection, property inspections, applicant screening, and general resident communications. When it comes to hiring such an individual, however, it may at first seem […]

Condo Insurance Coverage Explained

Condo Insurance Coverage Explained - Larlyn Property Management

What is Condo Insurance? Condo insurance is a type of home insurance undertaken by the condo corporation to protect a condo property. It provides coverage for the shared assets of a condo corporation (which is made up of all unit owners) in the event of loss or damage to the property. It is one of […]