How do condo management companies work?

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A Condo Management Company Will Improve Services, Reduce Cost & Eliminate Stress Condominium associations often turn to a property management company because boards lack the bandwidth to handle the overwhelming day-to-day details of running a residential community. That’s largely because people move into condos believing the upkeep, bill-paying, and oversight would be off their plate […]

Halloween Condo Safety Tips

Kids Trick or Treating

Just a few safety tips for tonight from Larlyn Property Management: • Leave outdoor condo lights on from October 30th for Devil’s Night and October 31st for Halloween festivities. This will assist in the safety of the children trick-or-treating within the complex but also help derail any vandals or pranksters looking to create mischief on […]

Electric Vehicles in Condos- Ontario

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Electric car charging in multi-unit residential buildings will be in high demand in the near future. Condo boards and property management companies that are prepared will stay ahead of the curve and attract EV drivers as tenants and owners. Installing charging in condos can present unique challenges but planning and proper placement will eliminate risks […]

Cannabis & Condos in Ontario

Condos & Cannabis

This is certainly a HOT topic in the news! Once Ontario’s Cannabis Act 2017 is in force, it will allow condominium occupants, aged 19 years and older, to: • use recreational cannabis in their unit or on common element space; • grow up to four plants for recreational use per residence/unit (not per occupant).Condo owners […]

10 Fall Condo Social Events

corn on the cob

One of the great benefits of living in a condo residence is the socializing aspect that forges a great sense of community and belonging. Below are a few ideas for holding simple social events this fall. Getting involved is always a rewarding experience and a chance to form new friendships. 1. Scarecrow Harvest Picnic -BBQ […]

Is Condo Living Right for Me?

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Condo living includes a wide variety of unit types: low and high-rise buildings, freestanding houses, townhouses, triplexes, and mixed-use buildings featuring condos above commercial units or offices. In a condo, you own the unit but share ownership in the land, building, and common area. You share in the costs of these areas (condo fees) with […]

ONTARIO ELECTION – Candidates Rights to Campaign


Ontario is in the midst of municipal elections to be held on October 22, 2018. There have been a number of changes to the Municipal Elections Act that impact landlords, condominium corporations and co-operative housing. Campaign provisions have been clarified to allow candidates to access apartment buildings, condominiums, non-profit housing co-ops or gated communities from […]