Condo Budgeting – what to look for, how to prepare and the implications of your decisions

Condo budgeting

A condominium’s financial health DEPENDS on its annual budget.

Set by the Board of Directors, this tool ensures fees cover operating expenditures and the reserve fund is in place for replacements and non-routine repairs in the future.

The online training event was recorded for those who couldn’t attend live or would like to review part of the presentation.  You can listing and follow along with the slides as Jackie Costello, Regional Manager for Southwestern Ontario discusses what to look for in a budget:    

  • Maintenance Fees    
  • Reserve Funds    
  • Special Assessments    
  • Surplus and Contingency  Funds

She explains what is included, considerations to be made and implications of the decisions made by the board of directors during the process.


You can also download a copy of Jackie’s presentation without the audio here:

SLIDES: Budgeting Webinar – Nov 4 2014

For a recording of our past event, “How to Read Your Condo Financial Statements” click here.