Scam Alert! Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Scam Alert! Protect Yourself From Identity Theft - Larlyn Property Management

It has come to our attention that unknown parties are posing as employees for Larlyn Property Management Ltd.  placing fraudulent apartment rental ads on Craigslist.  When users reply to the ad, they receive an email requesting extremely sensitive credit information which can be used for identity theft.  They have gone to great trouble to use […]

Winter Concrete Care Tips

A worker taking care of concrete surfaces during the winter.

Shovel snow from driveway, sidewalk and steps to reduce number of freeze/melt cycles Use a plastic shovel instead of a metal one as bent/sharp corners of a worn metal shovel can damage the surface of certain types of concrete. Avoid salt which is very corrosive to concrete and will eventually, if not immediately, cause damage […]