Chris C.

“The directors website is a great tool.  The extensive detail on financials and the explanation of spread sheets, balance sheets, Reserve Fund balances, etc. is helpful for everyone.  When I read the title ‘Larlyn Property Management’ I think the ‘Management’ part should be in capital letters.”

“At our 3rd Annual General Meeting, I couldn’t be more satisfied with what the reporting showed.  One key part of the report, to me, is the Annual Audited Financial Statement in which I was reassured to learn that both the Capital Asset Fund and the Reserve Fund were in extremely good condition.”

“The financial arm of Larlyn is very efficient as financial statements are delivered on time and accurate.”

“I have worked with Larlyn as Treasurer and a member of the Condo Board.  In those roles I have found their staff to be highly professional, competent and a pleasure to work with.”

“We’ve found Larlyn to be very responsive to our needs.  Our Property Manager and Assistant Property Manager are an excellent team and the accounting financials have been the best we have had so far.  We couldn’t be happier.”

“The administration of our financial needs rank first and foremost as the most important aspect of our corporation’s affairs.  To this end, we have over many years enjoyed without exception, timely, accurate and professionally executed monthly delivery of our financial statements, which of course includes the status of our Reserve investments with all the pertinent data we as Directors require to remain assured that our corporation’s affairs are in order.  Additionally the annual corporation budgeting process is accurate, transparent, inclusive and offers our Directors (and our unit owners) all the information they require to remain assured that their corporation’s annual expenses and reserve funding activities remain adequately and properly administered in order to secure our corporation’s financial viability for the future.”